Why Join the MAC?

Annual member dues are based on community size

100,000 and over = $10,000 per year
20,000 to 99,999 = $7,500 per year
Below 20,000 = $3,000 per year

MAC Events

Join our informative monthly conference calls to stay current with federal funding opportunities and participate in MAC events, such as our annual Fly-In to DC to meet top federal decision makers.

Assistance with Grants

Need help finding federal grant opportunities or need to know what the focus of your grants should be to take advantage of current award trends?  MAC can help.

Information sharing with other communities

Does your community have an issue it can't solve?  Chances are a MAC community has faced a similar problem.  Let us connect you to find out if their solution would work for your community.

What do the MAC members say?

“The Manufacturing Alliance of Communities gives communities a strong and unified voice in Washington. By putting communities first, MAC is working to ensure that local leaders have the resources they need to create jobs and revitalize local economies.”  MAC Founding Chair Virg Bernero (former Mayor of Lansing, MI)

Join the MAC today!

Contact Bill Hanka, MAC Director, at 202-320-0463 or by email at billh@hankaadvisor.com.